Walking Home From Mongolia

Walking Home From Mongolia book and DVD available NOW!

an honest, and often heartwarming, meditation on the physical and mental hardships of extreme endurance, and the rapidly changing landscapes of rural China.

- Time Out Beijing 

an engrossing window into the nascent colossus that is China... much that’s written about the country is concerned with the big picture, this worm’s-eye view is fascinating.

- Metro

Both Rob's second book and the National Geographic TV series DVD, are now available.

They tell the story of Rob and cameraman Leon McCarron's 5,000km walk from Mongolia, down through the length of China to Rob's home in Hong Kong.

Along the way they survived blizzards in the Gobi, followed desolate stretches of the Great Wall, and camped beside the frozen Yellow River. But this is not just an adventure story. It is also about friendship, struggle, and learning about the land of China and its people at ground level.

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Cycling Home From Siberia 

I don’t know if Rob Lilwall knows it but he has penned a two-wheeled classic. I wanted to rise up singing and strap on my bicycle clips.

- The Guardian

Lilwall’s story is a remarkable one… enhanced by the fact that he has a writer’s skill for conveying a sense of place

- The Sunday Telegraph

Published by Hodder & Stoughton, Rob’s first book Cycling Home From Siberia recounts in detail what happened during his three years on the road – how it all started and he ended up in Siberia at the start of winter, crossing Papua New Guinea, Tibet and Afghanistan, plus robbery, malaria, a cyclone and whole lot besides.

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