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Hong Kong adventurer crossing China desert pushes on despite major setback (SCMP)

  18.10.2016   rob   Blog   1 Comment

This article was first published in the South China Morning Post on 15 October 2016 The desert is watching me. It is hard to find words for the place. Ancient,

Five ways goals can help in the expedition of life

  27.09.2016   rob   Blog   1 Comment

We were in the middle of the emptiness of Siberia, in winter, on our bicycles. The icy road under our wheels was actually known as “the road of bones” because

Update from the Taklamakan desert – 19 September

  19.09.2016   rob   Blog   1 Comment

I have just made it to the half way point of the expedition, and taking a day off at my cache of food and water supplies which I had hidden

How I am learning to embrace challenges, not begrudge them.

  10.08.2016   rob   Blog   1 Comment

The beginning 17 years old, on the first day of my final year at high school, I was not excited. Throughout my life up to that point, I had not