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Walking Home From Mongolia

Walking Home From Mongolia front cover

Walking Home From Mongolia continues from where Cycling Home left off. Rob is now married, and together with his wife has moved to live in the city of Hong Kong – their new home. But it is not long before Rob finds himself boarding another plane with only a one way plane ticket – this time heading for the wild lands of Mongolia. From there, he must set off to get home, but this time entirely on foot.

an honest... meditation on the physical and mental hardships of extreme endurance

- Time Out Beijing 

an engrossing window into the nascent colossus that is China...

- Metro

National Geographic also commissioned a television series about the expedition, which was premiered in 2013.


Cycling Home From Siberia

Cycling Home From Siberia, Rob’s first book, tells the story of his three-year bicycle ride from northeast Russia back to London, via Papua New Guinea, Tibet and Afghanistan. Along the way he camped at minus forty, was robbed at gunpoint, and hitch-hiked on boats across the sea.

Cycling Home From Siberia front cover

I don’t know if Rob Lilwall knows it, but he has penned a two-wheeled classic.

- The Guardian

Lilwall’s story is a remarkable one

- The Sunday Telegraph

If you’re a cyclist, and even if you’re not- go for this book.

- The Irish Times


Rob also self-filmed this expedition. The subsequent TV show, commissioned for TV by National Geographic, captures the rawness, the beauty and the hilarity of the epic adventure. Available on DVD exclusively from this website.

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