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The keynote speaker in Asia who takes you out of the ordinary

Businesses today are facing uncertainty, pressure and change which no one can control. It’s the same on an adventure – there are many surprises, and many things we cannot control. But what we can control is our mindsets towards them, and that can make the difference between success and failure.

An extraordinary experience for your company

Using vulnerable and humorous stories, epic photos and video footage, and through fun interaction, practical tips, and provocative questions, Rob helps his audiences to think about how they can grow, adapt and succeed in a fast-changing and high-pressure world.

A tailor-made speech for your event

Rob’s speeches work well for both external client conferences and internal company events. These may include town halls, off-sites, sales kick-offs and senior management meetings, as well as after-dinner speeches. They typically range between 30 to 90 minutes, and are suitable for audiences of 20 to over 2,000 people. Every speech is carefully tailored to the client’s needs and Rob is frequently booked to return to speak to different divisions in a company. He also runs masterclass sessions, which allow more time for breakouts, and can run as a half-day session.

Rob’s messages about the importance of nurturing a growth mindset, embracing challenge, and developing our resilience have resonated with companies across every major industry.

Keynote speech takeaways

  • Thrive amidst change and uncertainty – for we live in a changing world
  • Embrace challenge – rather than avoid or resent it
  • Collaborate better – for we cannot make it on our own
  • Persevere under pressure and rise from setback – for no one gets an entirely smooth ride through life
  • Achieve great goals – with focus and motivation
  • Harness fears and take the best risks – with courage and good decisions
  • Improve self-care and wellness – thus increasing happiness and reducing burnout
  • Grow in self-discipline – not with willpower, but with good strategy

Rob Lilwall is a Certified Speaking Professional, accredited by the National Speakers Association. He is the author of two books, Cycling Home From Siberia and Walking Home From Mongolia. His expeditions are also the subject of two National Geographic television series. He has spoken in over 20 countries and over 50 cities in four continents.

Examples of keynote speech takeaways

A growth mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that our abilities are not fixed, but rather, can be grown. It's also the belief that if we embrace difficult challenges, they will make us grow. Rob brings the concept to life, energising the audience to grow themselves.

A resilient mindset

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from tough experiences, instead of burning out or giving up. Using vulnerable stories of devastating setback, Rob unpacks strategies for growing our resilience and thriving under pressure.

A courageous mindset

In a world of rapid change, taking risks is compulsory. Fear can be helpful for avoiding bad risks, but it can stop us from taking good risks. Rob reflects on his own battle with fear, and how he has learned to harness it and to take positive action.

A collaborative mindset

Although Rob often travels alone on his adventures, he can never make it on his own. He needs to reach out to people he meets – whether in jungle, desert or warzone. Rob uses stories to bring to life the importance of collaboration, networking, and teamwork in the corporate world.

Rob’s audiences have included teams from