Live and work with the Attitudes of Adventure


Camping at -40, cycling through Afghanistan, being held at gunpoint in Russia, carrying a bicycle through the mountains of Papua New Guinea, walking across the Gobi Desert in deep winter…

Rob Lilwall, National Geographic TV adventurer, experienced the above and more, on his epic three-year Cycling Home From Siberia and his six-month Walking Home From Mongolia expeditions. 

  • Do you often face unexpected obstacles and setbacks at work?
  • Does your company need a fresh injection of excitement in its goal-setting?
  • Are you wanting a higher level of resiliency, determination and problem-solving in your team?

Find out how Rob can inspire and motivate your workforce in these and other areas with the acclaimed Attitudes of Adventure drawn from his epic adventures.




Rob Lilwall has travelled tens of thousands of kilometres across the world on foot, by bicycle and by boat, including through some of the harshest environments on earth. He is the author of two books, and National Geographic have made two television series about his adventures. Based in Hong Kong, Rob is a sought-after motivational speaker across the Asia Pacific region.

 Books and TV

Order signed copies of Rob's books and television series. Cycling Home From Siberia tells the story of Rob’s three year, 50,000km bicycle ride from North East Russia back to London, via Papua New Guinea, Australia and Afghanistan. Walking Home From Mongolia tells the tale of Rob's 5,000km walk from the Gobi Desert, through the heart of China, to Hong Kong.