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Through speaking about his epic expeditions, Rob has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to face life and work with the Attitudes of Adventure. When addressing business audiences, whether as a keynote speaker at a large-scale conference, or at smaller, senior management offsites, he relates the ever-growing challenges of the 21st century workplace to his own, at times hilarious, at times deadly serious, trials and tribulations in the wild lands of the earth.

"In previous years, speakers at Asian Private Banker's Family Office Summit have included Kenneth Taylor ("The real hero of Argo"), Hyeonseo Lee (North Korean defector), and Al Gore (45th Vice-President of the United States). This year we had Rob Lilwall, and he certainly did not let us down. Rob delivered a truly inspiring, fascinating and, at times, quite remarkable account of his cycling journey home from Magadan, Siberia. The speech was passionate, full of colourful anecdotes and accompanied by amazing photographic images and wonderful video. Rob, through a combination of endearing humility and granite determination, delighted and motivated a riveted audience."                                                                                                                                                               
- Asian Private Banker

Former clients include:

Through relating his struggles to survive in the tundra, desert, jungle and war-zone, Rob contends that in living life as an adventure, with the Attitudes of Adventure, we can achieve more than we ever thought possible.  Rob’s presentations are ideal for keynotes, management training days and large-scale conferences where there is the goal of instilling a determined "can-do" attitude in staff. He is highly experienced in tailoring his messages to the specific desired outcomes of the client, and also gives the option of fun and relevant team breakout activities as part of the session. 

Rob is based in Hong Kong, frequently travels to Australia, China, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan and the Middle East, and is available for speaking throughout the world. Rob is also a Professional Member of the Asia Professional Speakers - Singapore (APSS), a member of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF). Please get in touch for further information and testimonials. The following video trailer gives a sample of Rob's speaking.  


Attitudes of Adventure include:

  • Embracing change: realising that the only constant in life is change, and there will often be unexpected obstacles and setbacks on the road we travel - including in our work. But rather than using these setbacks as excuses, we need to muster our creativity and find ways through, round and over them. 
  • Resisting the fear of failure: whether we like it or not, everything we do in life involves some risk. But we need to keep things in perspective, and to calculate each risk on its own merits. Sometimes, when the negative voice in our head or the pessimist in our office insists that the path ahead is too hard, or too risky, we need to ask "what's the worst that can happen", and move boldly towards decision and action.
  • Practising self-care: in our frenetic contemporary world, it is all too easy to push ourselves for too long, which can ultimately result in bad judgments, spiralling morale, and burnout. It is the same on a multi-month or multi-year expedition – Rob has to look after himself in order to make it through.  
  • Intentional goal setting: if we are not clear about where we are trying to get to, it is unlikely we will ever arrive there. Rob explains the importance of breaking our goals down into the short, medium, and long term, using the SMART principles, and acting in an intentional way to make progress towards them.
  • Practising self-discipline: remembering that our self-discipline must start with the small tasks, which make a significant difference in overall progress, especially by circumventing future problems.
  • Remembering we can’t make it on our own: We live in a highly individualistic world, where we often think we have to make it entirely on our own. But the reality is, we will progress further if we learn to give and receive - whether it be through our teams, our networks, or by having good mentors to give us deeper insight into the challenges that we face. Rob can never have made it through his adventures without the help and advice of the many good people he befriends along the way.